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We want to create a kind of place that feels like home for anybody who yearns for one. A place where you can be comfortable and just be yourself. Seoul Village has people coming from all over the world speaking different languages and sharing their cultures. Just like a rainbow that blends different colors into one beautiful unique fusion.

Queremos darles la bienvenida a todos los amigos forasteros que vienen desde la distancia y se encuentran en esta ciudad en medio de una cultura tan diferente y unica. Esperamos poder brindar alguna asistencia para cada uno de ustedes de una u otra manera y que Seoul pueda sentirse un poquito mas como tu preciado hogar, dulce hogar^^

If you want us to organize any of the following activities for you and invite other members to join you, or simply wish to make any specific request or inquiries regarding your adaptation process in Seoul, such as receiving information on how to order delivery food by phone or how to find cheap 3G or 4G used smartphones, please send us an email, or text me to my kakaotalk id, fromchile, or call me at 010 7236 9302. You can also post messages at our facebook page.

1. TEACHING SOME BASICS OF YOUR LANGUAGE TO OTHERS: You don't have to be necessarily a teacher or a native speaker to teach some basics and help somebody to get by in a conversation. Whatever that language may be, give it a shot and we'll take care of the logistics and invite other members to join your sessions. We specially have high demand for Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and French.

2. SHARING YOUR PASSION & EXPERTISE OF YOUR FAVORITE HOBBY: What hobbies do you enjoy doing or what's your area of expertise that you'd like to share with others who have the same interest? Most hobbyists are passionate about what they do & love sharing their ideas, knowledge & accomplishments with others who enjoy the same hobby. We'll take care of the logistics! All you have to do is name your hobby and let's get the ball rolling! 

3. SPECIAL WELCOMING DINNER FOR RECENTLY ARRIVED FRIENDS TO SEOUL: If you have recently arrived to Seoul and wish to meet new friends, we'll arrange a special dinner for you at free of charge and invite all those members who are interested in sharing with you their experience of living in Seoul. We also provide an introductory document of Seoul so you'll have an idea of what's cooking in this city.

4. WE WISH TO BE PART OF YOUR FIRST EXPERIENCE IN "______": In a culture so different from what you are accustomed to seeing in the western side of the globe, whatever that first experience will be for you, we wish to get involved and make you a little bit more comfortable by inviting others who share the same interest as you.

a. SPORTS: Bowling, Soccer, Basketball, Hiking, Marathon, Yoga, Bike Riding, Rock Climbing, etc. b. OUTINGS: Salsa club, musical theaters, group visits to different popular tourist places in Seoul, movie nights, playing instruments together, bike ridings, etc. c. LOCAL CULTURE: Jimjilbang(Korean style sauna), Karaoke, food tasting tour, wearing Korean traditional dress for a photo shoot, etc.

5. WE DO SIMPLIFIED TRANSLATION SERVICES THROUGH PHONE CALLS, TEXT MESSAGES, EMAIL OR KAKAOTALK: Considering that we don't have enough volunteers, we provide simplified oral translations for you in case of emergencies; for example, when you are on the cab and need to give correct directions to the driver or when you are buying something in the market and need to communicate better with the salesman. Also we can do VERY simplified written translations of documents or typical korean phrases just enough so you can understand the essence of the given message.

6. CONNECTIONS PROGRAM: For those newcomers in Seoul who need personal guidance from a member or family of the local community in their adaptation process, we'll find you a host family or mentor. Also, we can assist you in finding a local English speaking community church or recommend you various organizations that may be of help to you.

Hopefully, you'll find these programs of Seoul Village helpful for integrating yourself better with the local culture and community. We do what we can with the few resources we have but the idea is to take small steps forward into making Seoul a little bit more friendly for all our friends from the different corners of the world.


Welcome to Seoul^^

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