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We have more than 4,000 members from facebook and get RSVP at the same time for each event!

We are all travellers in this same space and time of our lives~!

We are a group of same minded people to enjoy weekend in nature with amazing people!


 Nature heals you~! Be intuitive,Be simple,happy,strong, open mind to nature!

Life is not a matter to avoid the rainy day but how to enjoy the rain and the rainy day!

Lets spend at least a day in nature on the weekends~!


 Nature is 휴식relax,명상meditation,치유healing,회복recovery

Away from hundreds of thousands traffic,advertisement,people,too much little and small things


 [Always 2 types of Hike]. One is hiking as long as you want and the other is hiking as leisurely as you want and want to be social.


 Hiking is much safer than staying home and the possibility of kicking doors or the legs of sofa and get hurt yourself! since 2008,we don't any any serious incidents other than some people were talking too much while hiking and hit his head on the rock but was okay.

 Meet new people & make friends~!

 New comers are more than welcome, definitely! for novices, beginners, moderate, and advanced hikers.Please, don't hesitate because you're alone. Most of us come alone and all get along together.It is a social club made up of various kinds of people. You will be shockingly happier than ever in Korea~! Feel free to join us and spread the word!



 In the mountains, the mother of nature, we walk along the trails in all seasons with trees, big, small, or dead, with flowers, leaves, or fallen leaves and red coloring of leaves. See and feel the grass, stones, rocks, soil, wind, warm breezes, cold wind, sunshine, snow, clouds, water, moss, vine, insects, squirrels, birds, cityscape or country sceneries, valleys and streams. Walk over and through ridges and peaks. See the stunning sunrises or serene sunsets, moonlights, fog,mist, or even rain. There’s nothing like enjoying the essence of Mother Nature and having a great time!


 English teachers,Engineers,Exchange Students,Salary men,Professors,self-employed,Travellers, Artists,employed soldiers from diverse countries. We are all travelers love nature and group of people



 LET'S SHARE the experience of hiking with pictures

please,create an album of the trip you joined and put name of tags as : Seoul Hiking Group


 Since 2008 hiking events on every other weekend

Since 2010,Sep hiking trips or events every weekend



1,000 : May,5,2010

2,000 : April,6,2012

3,000 : Jan,7,2013

4,000 : Aug,13,2013


 Open Horizons to Korea, Explore the Real Korea, & Hike in Nature~!


[every season's trips and hikes]

♣ Wonderful Jeju do island,camping,biking,hiking the highest Mt.Hallasan

♣ No1 National Park Mt.Jirisan

♣ Most well-known to foreigners, majestic Mt.Seoraksan

♣ Roofless museum Ganghwado island hiking,biking trip

♣ Beautiful Muuido island camping,hiking,seacoast trekking

♣ Island biking and hiking trips to Sinsimodo island


[Spring trips and hikes]

♣ Amazing and wonderful spring roadtrip to Jirisan and Yeosu city of 2012 world EXPO

♣ the longest cherry blossom festival spring trip in Jinhae Naval Port

♣ The 1000 years ago capital city,entire World UNESCO heritage Gyeongju city spring trip

♣ The sea-parting festival in Jindo island trip and Arirang performance


[Summer trips and hikes]

♣ Rafting at the most untouched Donggang river in Gangwondo and river trekking

♣ the best Mud festival even world famous staying just right in front of main area

♣ Wolaksan National Park camping, bunjee-jumping at Chungju lake


[Fall trips and hikes]

♣ Explore Jeongseon city of Arirang performance and hike untouched forest

♣ The international Mask dance festival at Hahoe village of UNESCO world heritage

♣ Explore 2nd largest city Busan when it's Int. film festival.


[Winter trips and hikes]

♣ Skiing/Snowboarding trip

♣ Winter hike at the most sacred Mt.Taebaeksan and snow festival

♣ Mountain Trout Ice fishing festival at Hwacheon

and more travels and hiking trips by requests!

Thank you for joining group and making a blast!

♣ Expand horizons to Korea,,Explore Real Korea,hike in nature!
♣ Love nature Let's spend at least a day with nature in weekend!
♣ Meeting new people,making friends!
♣NATURE and CULTURE comes together with SEOUL HIKING GROUP!


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