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Love to run? Love to explore? Runsploring is the ultimate combination. This group is aimed at staying active, having fun, being social, and exploring the hidden gems of Seoul. Although we like to get a workout, Runsploring is a laid back activity and we don't take ourselves too seriously.


As a Runsplorer, we pick a starting location and route. Then we run at a comfortable pace and stop if we come across an amazing view, landmark, or anything else that sparks our interest. The ultimate goal is to have fun while staying in shape.


We will be hosting weekly Runventures (Run adventrues) in Seoul. Join the group to meet up for Runventures or to share your favorite Runventure routes.



  • Running around Lake Ilsan
  • Running along Han River
  • Running around the National Assembly area
  • Exploring new parts of the city


Runsploring was originally started as a Meetup Group in San Francisco. It has been extremely popular with almost 600 members and counting. To see past Runventures in San Francisco, visit

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