hallyuwood film and photography club.

This Meetup group are for those who are interested in film, photography and of course, watching movies, Hallyuwood movies in particular.

Hallyuwood (한류우드) is the informal term popularly to describe the Korean-language entertainment and film industry in South Korea. As action superstar Jackie Chan once said: "America has its Hollywood, India has its Bollywood and now with the emergence of Hallyuwood, I hope to see the integration of Asian pop culture." ^^

Whether your just a casual movie goer or a budding actor/director or an expert photographer, this is an informal Meetup where people can chat, exchange languages/cultures, talk about film, take photographs, exchange DVDs, oh and watch movies of course! We hope this will be a fun social environment with the chance to make new friends and share their interest in Hallyuwood movies, film and photography!

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Sang Won

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