Billiards group.

A billiards, a type of shot in cue sports (see below)

Billiards: cue sports in general, including pool, carom billiards, snooker, etc.; the term "billiards" by itself is also sometimes used to refer to any of the following more specifically:

Carom billiards (also known as French billiards) games in general (a chiefly non-British usage)

Three-cushion billiards even more specifically, the most popular form of carom billiards worldwide (the most common specific usage)

The specific game of English billiards (a chiefly British, Irish and Australian usage)

Pool (pocket billiards) games, such as eight-ball and nine-ball, in general (a chiefly colloquial North American usage)

Electric billiards, an obsolete term for pinball (from billard électrique in French, in which pinball is today called flipper, a borrowing from English)


So in this group, we will do Three-cushion billiards.( on every Sat, night!)

Because this is international game, if you are good at this, you can make the universial friends easily.

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Sang Won

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Love billiards!

Hey everyone, i'd loveto get this group running and meet up with some of you to play!