Are you hungry? - George Town, Penang, Malaysia

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One of the many joys of traveling is the cornucopia of foods to tantalize your palate.  Just walk along any busy road or slip in any side street, and you will surely find something that will get your senses perked up.  Your pupils start to dilate and you are hypnotized by all the choices. Your mouth salivates to the tasty morsels that are displayed before your eyes.  You take a whiff of the rich smells emanating from the stalls, and it is at this very moment you are like a kid home alone with no parental supervision.  Something is about to go down, and it is not going to be very pleasant.  Yee Pee! Yahoo!


Everything else gets phased out; your only focus is the many food carts that sandwich a busy street.  And, watch out, you are on a terror.  You are on a mission to try out every little cart that comes in your path.  Forget about your budget for the day, forget about the motorbikes whizzing by you, forget about being on a diet, and most importantly, forget about the people in your way.  You are like Walter Payton (Sweetness) weaving, bobbing, stutter stepping, head faking, a little forearm, and occasionally some poor soul will hit the pavement—oops, sorry!  Don’t these people know that you have more pressing concerns than trying to be nice and cordial?  “Out of the way, this man has got to eat!”  It is no holds barred, man!  Every man for himself!


And, after leaving a destruction along your path that looks something eerily similar to what a tornado would leave behind, your belly is screaming, “No mas! No mas!”  And your money pouch has decided to cut your credit for the rest of the week.  What are these guys thinking, right?  They are just bunch of amateurs.  “Stop your belly aching and extend me some credit, for goodness sakes!  I am not finished yet!” 


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